The millennials are no longer shy to put convenience and utility also not compromising on fashion. ‘Men bags’ have surely come a long way from old distasteful style with boring patterns and colors to upmarket trendy in vogue fashion statement that complements an individual unique style. It’s an essential accessory to have in one’s ready wardrobe.

While the runway is blasting with design creativity in handbags; what caught our attention was that many international brands have experimented with a fine technique of fabric quilting this New York Fashion Week 2018.  From bold and colourful to subtle and classy, we bring you a brief overview of the latest patterned bag style that is making a statement.

Slings in Vogue…. An irresistible fashion statement

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As the world is getting more stylish and fashion-conscious day by day, you here might feel stressed to differentiate a messenger bag from a sling bag. Fret not! We with our #Blog, intend to keep you covered with all the latest fashion trends & practices. Essentially the difference between a sling and a messenger is in the size and structure of the bag. Sling bag is basically smaller in size compared to a messenger bag which generally is in a shape of a sack.  Sling bag has thin long adjustable strap that also could be removed to use the bag as a handheld clutch (if the design permits!); whereas messengers have a broader adjustable strap according to its larger storage capacity.

Backpacks….Selecting the right fit for the right occasion

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Bags are the perfect example where necessity meets luxury. We need bags for everyday use and the kind of bag you carry also governs your fashion statement. We have multiple bags in our closet catering to different requirements. We often need a small clutch bag for any formal occasion, a spacious bag for travelling, one may carry a professional executive laptop bag and not to forget using a duffle bag for your gym and outdoor activities. Bags are an essential commodity in our fashion wardrobe; and choosing the right bag for the occasion can enhance your fashion statement to all new level.

Duffle bags are one of the best multi utility bags as it can easily double up as a Gym bag to travelling bag to a sports bag. The very reason, I am head over heels for these duffle bags is the ease with which it can be carried anywhere keeping in mind its elongated shape which acts as a storage powerhouse.

Style & Utility: The Ultimate Laptop Bag Collection

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With laptop bags, does your mind race back to those bulky black heavy leather or PU bags that offered ‘Professional look’ of the time? Laptop is the new essential that you need to carry with you all the time. So, why not flaunt the bag that houses that laptop as well. Accessorise yourself with The House of Tara laptop bags to enhance that uber cool professional look which is getting sharper by the day. 

Hottest on Trend – Our BOHO Collection

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The first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think of boho is harem or dhoti pants paired with a tank top, colorful scarf, a head accessory, loose wavy curls, and a vibrant bag.

Matching utility with Style

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“Backpack” word is now a synonym for travelling. But, let us tell you the Backpacks have evolved from bulky and strappy bags that were only used while travelling to a vibrant, trendy and chic accessory.  Nowadays backpacks are the new essential as they are available in so many designs and sizes that they have become an ideal choice to be carried anywhere and everywhere.

Messenger Bags – Carry your world around in style

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Messenger Bags are latest must have travel and fashion accessory in 2018. The beauty of these bags remain in its construction and utility.They are neither big in size like backpacks nor small like satchels and saddle bags; which means that one can carry all the required travel essentials including a laptop without being seen as a bulky accessory. 

A trip to Mumbai means travelling in crowded areas, humid weather and laying on the beaches to name a few. Along in this trip, I found my best travel companion; a Trendy Duffle bag that is rugged and strong, just the way I like. 

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