As the world is getting more stylish and fashion-conscious day by day, you here might feel stressed to differentiate a messenger bag from a sling bag. Fret not! We with our #Blog, intend to keep you covered with all the latest fashion trends & practices. Essentially the difference between a sling and a messenger is in the size and structure of the bag. Sling bag is basically smaller in size compared to a messenger bag which generally is in a shape of a sack.  Sling bag has thin long adjustable strap that also could be removed to use the bag as a handheld clutch (if the design permits!); whereas messengers have a broader adjustable strap according to its larger storage capacity.


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While these sling bags have been an age-old accessory; a succession of design influences have come to enhance its applicability as a tourist friendly bag, to a funky Brooklyn hipsters image to a posh celeb style.  All these changes have conspired to turn this one-time fashion liability into a staple in vogue accessory of everyday urban transit. This small bag is now a big time essential fashion commodity.


A sling bag now is more than just a receptacle – It is your fashion statement. Moreover, this mini bag acts as your small world as you accommodate your daily travel essentials in it. It is worth your emotional involvement in selecting the right sling bag. So, whether you’re going for formal meeting or a casual day out; you would need a sling bag as an essential and practical accessory to compliment your attire. 


The House of Tara offers an arsenal of drool-worthy designer bags and accessories. Focussing on the sling bags segment, the brand presents with a variety of colours, materials, and designs for everyone. With specially treated canvas to rugged canvas to Jute Fabric to suede; they also have an array of genuine leather sling bags to present premium collection as well.


Sling bags have always been a trending accessory, but this 2018 the scorching sun has further made it indispensable with your water bottle, sunscreen, keys, mobiles, and wipes to be toted everywhere you go. Sling bags are functional and so convenient to carry.  As bags are getting smaller and smaller these days, you need not fret for space. The bags offered by The House of Tara are well structured, which means they don’t look bulky or overstuffed when full. Along with it these bags also come with interior pockets, which you could use to hold your ID, credit cards and some cash and exterior pocket for your makeup and smartphones keeping you well organised. 


The House of Tara plays with many materials, cuts, prints, and then offer the most durable and functional design to their customers. One such design is the high-quality jute fabric sling bag with digital printing. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be detached allowing you to carry the bag as a clutch. These designer bags are accented with pom poms to give it a colourful look. Another detailing to these bags is the vibrant tassel provided which is removable allowing you to use it with any other bag or item as desired. 


The brand also features many designs for men in the sling bag category like the rugged and distressed cotton canvas bags which are accented with high quality metallic hardware and has an adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap. With retro star digital print and magnetic snap closures, these sling bags are trendy and quite spacious. In addition; with multiple pockets, you may never lose again your keys, lighter, shades and smartphones. The material is low on maintenance, so you need not worry about its wear & tear. The brand highlights its premium collection with genuine leather sling bags. These leather sling bags are compact as they come with multiple zip pockets to organise your essentials and use printed silk as lining. 


The House of Tara is the best online destination of bags for your diverse needs. You can check the complete sling bag & messenger bag collection HERE and can avail exclusive online discounts on your every purchase.


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