EV7C4746.JPG (3840×5760)Bags are the perfect example where necessity meets luxury. We need bags for everyday use and the kind of bag you carry also governs your fashion statement. We have multiple bags in our closet catering to different requirements. We often need a small clutch bag for any formal occasion, a spacious bag for travelling, one may carry a professional executive laptop bag and not to forget using a duffle bag for your gym and outdoor activities. Bags are an essential commodity in our fashion wardrobe; and choosing the right bag for the occasion can enhance your fashion statement to all new level.

To start with, let’s look at backpacks, with a few tips to assist you in choosing the right one.

Quality worth investing

The starting point to select any bag is its quality. Knowing the intricacies of bag’s material and the product’s finish is very important. The House of Tara is known for its vivid creativity but also for following the highest international quality and manufacturing standards. The sturdy travel backpacks offered by The House of Tara is made in specially treated heavyweight canvas which not only offers durability but also utility in its carrying capacity and ease of usage. These bags are water resistant and can withstand rough weather as well like a backpack should. Use of specially treated canvas and other fabrics is a great alternative to a genuine leather backpack which are expensive and high on maintenance.  The House of Tara backpack bag comes with multiple external and internal pockets and the inside of the bag is also lined with canvas or polyester to make it more durable. In short, its quality worth every penny spend.

They Aren't just for women

Majority of the backpacks presented by The House of Tara are unisex. The brand works on different fabrics and colour hues in line with international trends. The unisex range of these bags comes in various rectangular, long and structured shapes addressing the need of everyday traveller, even if it’s a hop to the office, stroll in the city glitz or a long travel. The straps are broad and adjustable making it comfortable to carry long distances. However, the brand also has an exclusive range of Boho inspired backpacks with vibrant colours embellished with floral tassels, glass beads and coins exclusively for female audiences.  


Impressive range, but what's the occasion?

The House of Tara has such a wide range of backpacks that tempts you for a purchase. The brand has backpacks for everyone; be it professional to carry a laptop or for any leisure / casual purpose. The collection includes digitally printed cotton backpacks, quilted heavy cotton canvas backpacks, Boho inspired embroidered backpacks and large rugged backpacks with multiple pockets, secure closures and back padding that are ideal for travel and outing. Barring a purchase for a specific occasion; it’s a tough choice to ignore other amazing designs.


Ease of Purchase

The House of Tara offers you the perfect solution to explore all its handcrafted designer collection on its website. The House of Tara is the best online designation for bags; especially backpacks. You can easily return and exchange the product if required. With hard to resist offers and discounts, we suggest you buy now.